5 Reasons You Should Use Medium For Inspiration

Every morning I wake up and write down some of my thoughts. I engage in this exercise in order to glean some of the important insights of the previous day, engage in a gratitude practice, and stimulate my mind for any upcoming tasks ahead. Some mornings I find myself without any particular topics at the forefront of my mind to write about, and when that occurs I draw on the well of Medium to kickstart my creative mood. Here are five reasons why you should use Medium when you are looking for inspiration as well!

1. Creatives Exist Here.

There are a multitude of incredibly gifted writers and creatives that are constantly churning out thought provoking content on Medium, like a FACTORY OF geniuses and whatever is on the minds of people like Sinem Günel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Julie Zhuo I want to contemplate as well!

2. Reading Requires More Attention Than Watching

Our current society is rife with video content and there is nothing wrong with this, however many of us (myself included) use video as a backdrop for other activities. When you are engaged in reading an article your full attention is required in order to move on to the next paragraph.

3. Proof of Concept.

When one of the creative geniuses on Medium writes a thought-provoking article, the rest of the Medium collective curates the ideas. This allows for a powerful crowdsourcing mechanism of network effect, where ideas with interest and validity are rewarded.

4. Bend, Break, Blend.

Being creative doesn’t necessarily always call for a completely new invention. Oftentimes the most effective inventions are ones spurned from other ideas. Anthony Brandy and Dave Eagleman provide erudite insight about this phenomena in their captivating book The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes The World. You can read more about it here https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/5/16597660/david-eagleman-anthony-brandt-runaway-species-creativity-neuroscience-psychology-design-interview

5. It’s Fun!

Reading articles on Medium is the highlight of my day. It allows me to dive deep into the intellect of others and decipher what is important to them, what works for them, how they perceive the world, all in an easily digestible format.

In conclusion, if you are suffering from melancholy, lethargic creativity, writer’s block, or just pure boredom, Medium is an incredible way to tap into the source of other people’s creativity. Using tools such as this platform provides a potent, low-stakes and high reward environment with a treasure trove of collective knowledge and ideas.