Top 5 Things That I’m Grateful For Today….

Each day that I get up from my slumber and I am gifted with the opportunity to strive towards my goals is another win!

Here is a list of the top five things I’ve recognized that contribute to my currently sublime existence:

  1. Fresh Clean Water.

According to the CDC, 11% of the world’s population woke up today without access to fresh clean water.

Fortunately, I was not one of them. So I decided to address the problem and donated to an A rated institution; charity: water. Feel free to help as well!

2. My Personal Network.

Everyone in life knows someone, and of course those people know other people. It’s how we get along in this world, and I am incredible grateful to have frequented many different types of social circles. If you are looking for an added boost of creativity in regards to expanding your social sphere, looking no further than this scintillating article written by Tanya Menon.

3. My Physical Health.

Too often I take for granted that I have no serious health issues. No longer will I ignorantly walk, read, talk, write, run, and jump without recognizing what a truly incredible feat it is to have gross and fine motor skills. 2020 brought everyone face to face with their own mortality, and now is the time to focus on being grateful for the things normally taken for granted. I’m definitely on the wave of fasting for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because I am too lazy to cook and I find that I can get more done when I’m not full of food. Here’s some of the latest research from the National Institute on Aging regarding the benefits of intermittent fasting’s effects on metabolic switching (going from using glucose stored in the liver to ketones stored in fat for energy).

4. Nature

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and despite the incessant rain it is beautiful country. Tall and powerful trees dominate the landscape, with a rare clear sky backdrop complemented by an interestingly complex rocky soil. It’s a vibe.

5. Technology

I wouldn’t even be able to write this without technology. The ability to reach others, gain new insights, and learn about things that I’d otherwise have never been exposed to is a divine boon to my creative mind. Sifting through all of the of the applications available can seem daunting, so I rely on genius doctors like Ali Abdaal to curate them for me. Thanks Ali.

Perception can often result in reality and being able to exhibit gratitude daily is a practice I know that I will never perfect, never give up on, and never minimize the importance of on my schedule. Let me know in the comments if you currently do or want to engage in a daily gratitude practice!